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Training/Care at Home

Training/Care at Home

Horse Show


The training program, for students that own or lease a horse. It is designed to promote excellence in the education of riders and horses. We strive to create well rounded horseman able to form winning partnerships with their horses. The curriculum emphasizes safety and solid fundamentals that promote the development of a strong foundation on which to build.   

 Care and consideration of our equine partners is paramount.  Our equine athletes are maintained with a consistent program of grooming, conditioning, nutrition, and supplements as well as veterinary, dental, farrier care to keep them at their peak for performance.

 We encourage our students to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. We work with students at all levels and, it is our desire to help each student achieve their goal regardless of how large or small it may be.



Five professional encounters weekly. Combination of lessons and rides.

Full grooming, grooming supplies, laundry.

Trims and mane management.

Feed, cleaning, turnout, blanketing, fly masks.

Equestrian Connect membership

Not Included

Full body clipping, supplements.

Trainer Per Diem: $100.00 per day.
Fifty percent (50%) of total per diem will be credited to commission at the close of sale or lease. This per diem is applied when trainer is required to travel in the pursuit of lease or purchase of horse. This per diem is not applicable when trainer and/or client try horses at shows at which they are competing.


Travel Cost: Client is responsible for payment of travel costs.

Commission: Sale, purchase or lease price plus reimbursement for any expenses incurred shall be as follows:

12.5% if less than $75,000.

10% if $75,000 or more.

Trailering: $75.00 loading fee. $1.00/mile. Transportation fees may vary if commercial transportation is utilized.

Trainer's Expense: All travel, lodging, per diems, etc, is divided by number of horses.


Schooling Fees: Customers in full training $75.00 per day. Customers not in training or lesson program $95.00 per day.


Grooming: $85.00 plus tip (usually $10-15.00/day) Paid to the groom directly.


Grooms: Show setup and breakdown fee $50.00

Medications: Billed at cost.


Braiding: Paid directly to braiders. Envelopes with the horses names are placed in the tack room. Checks need to be placed in the envelope on Saturday to avoid a late fee.


Horse Show Entries: Prior to the show entry closing date, submit a blank check made out to the horse show and a check to BWF for $200 for a show deposit. This will be credited toward your final show bill.

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